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About the C-Cookies Blog

The C-Cookies Blog

This blog is about C, as in “Chief,” primarily a blog for CIOs, er, Chief Information Officers. Its objective is to deliver news and information that is important to the health care CIO, who I have had the honor to work with these past 12 years in my role as managing editor at a national monthly health IT trade publication.

The print publication, with all of its high costs and paper consumption is dead, as someone who started his career at a newspaper knows, but a blog gets you, my readers, the information you need. Stories, anecdotes and lessons learned are important to the CIO.

And, the “Cookies” reference is not about eating, though a delicious chocolate chip cookie with a glass of icy cold milk would taste really good right now. Cookies are one or more named values in computers that contain bits of information, which can be encrypted for information privacy and data security. The cookie is sent as an HTTP header by a Web server to a browser and then sent back unchanged by the browser each time it accesses that server.

Cookies are useful to computers for remembering information about the user who has visited a Web site in order to retrieve relevant content in the future. For example, a Web server may send a cookie containing the username last used to log in to a Web site so that it may be filled in for future visits.

So, just as cookies remember information, I remember and am indebted to the men and women, health care CIOs, who made my writing, editing and blogging career over the years a success.

I pledge to serve your interests and tell your stories here. I appreciate you have taken the time to read my blog.

~ Bob Mitchell

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