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Copywriting and Autopsies

March 12, 2013

notepadSince starting my new position as a copywriter in the publications division at UHS, Inc., I’ve been learning my fair share about cardiac catheterization, transradial procedures and neurosurgery.

And what have I learned? Well, first is that healthcare is a highly complex industry and really should not be compared to any other industry because there’s no comparison.

Second, with all of these procedures, including cardiac catheterization, bariatric surgery, etc., we’re looking for ways to improve our health, open blocked arteries, lose weight, all with the help of surgery.

I can’t as yet draw an conclusions, but it’s been highly educational to listen to two neurosurgeons explain how they use minimally invasive procedures to operate on a patient’s brain.

It reminded me of my days doing clinical pastoral education one summer when I was attending the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. One of my fellow theology students, who was studying at Harvard Divinity School, asked if we could all view an autopsy. I remember the unease I felt at watching the doctor performing the autopsy as he removed a portion of the skull, explaining things that he was looking for during his investigative clinical work. It was disturbing and fascinating all at the same time, and something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

It taught me about the importance of valuing life; how rather small we are in this huge microcosm we call planet earth; and to listen when my doctor tells me to eat well, exercise regularly, take time to relax and to focus on the things that matter. My doctor has never said that last thing, but it’s good to remember nonetheless.


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