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Hospitals Preparing for Sandy’s Arrival

October 29, 2012

Hospitals in the path of Hurricane Sandy, including those in Southern New England have their emergency plans underway. The Day newspaper reported that two Southeastern Connecticut hospitals are also taking stock of the weather predictions and making sure they are prepared.

“Our emergency operations team met to assess our preparedness in case the storm is prolonged,” Shawn Mawhiney, spokesman for The William W. Backus Hospital in Norwich, Conn., told the newspaper.

The hospital has prepared emergency generators for both the main hospital and Backus satellites, and has reviewed inventories food, pharmaceuticals, linens and bottled water to make sure it has enough to last several days if necessary, he added.

Mawhiney said hospital officials will monitor the situation throughout the storm.

Lawrence & Memorial Hospital in New London, Conn., has taken similar steps, spokesman Mike O’Farrell said.

L&M’s Emergency Preparedness Team has reviewed its pre-event checklist to ensure adequate supplies are on hand and back-up systems are in place, O’Farrell noted.

“We have checked our generators,” said Ron Kersey, L&M’s emergency services coordinator. “We have the necessary supplies. We have checked our communications system. We have prepared our Incident Command Center and are ready to open it quickly if necessary.”

Both hospitals said they are ready to make staffing adjustments if needed, including having some staff ready for extended stays before or after their shifts.


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