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Health IT Certification to Launch Fourth Professional Certification, Certified Professional in June

April 18, 2012

Washington, D.C.-based Health IT Certification ( will offer a new training and professional certification program for those responsible for implementing the Affordable Care Act Operating Rules to improve efficiency, patient and beneficiary satisfaction, and achieving cost savings. These operating rules provide the enhanced requirements to the HIPAA transactions and code sets to achieve interoperability with a higher degree of automation for business processes.

The Certified Professional for Operating Rules Administration (CPORA) consists of an eight-course curriculum and certification examination evidencing expertise in implementation of the Affordable Care Act Operating Rules. Health IT Certification announces the launch of the new CPORA in three stages:

• First, an online two-course package that provides an overview of the ACA Operating Rules is now available for the package price of $250.
• Second, the CPORA eight-course curriculum and examination will be offered onsite in Washington, DC on June 11-13.
• Finally, the CPORA eight course curriculum and examination will be available online on or before July 1.

All providers, health plans and healthcare clearinghouses are required to comply with the operating rules on time, or face significant penalties. Health plans have an additional requirement to certify that they are fully capable of supporting all of the standards and operating rules in effect on the date of each certification. The compliance date for the first set of operating rules, eligibility and benefits, and claim status, is January 1, 2013. These new operating rules are developed by the CAQH CORE initiative and adopted by CMS ( A United Healthcare executive testified before NCVHS that the return on investment for the eligibility operating rules was so great that the time period to achieve ROI is less than a year.

An IBM study of earlier adopters of eligibility and benefits operating rules has shown significant savings and return on investment for all parties involved when systems and workflows are change. Visit the Health IT Certification website at for future announcements of training and certification opportunities online and in-person.


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