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Controlling Data Growth, Delivering Improved Patient Care

November 28, 2011

The healthcare industry is at a data-management crossroads, driven by the growth in patient data, tighter federal and industry regulations, shrinking IT budgets, and the transition to electronic health records.

Healthcare organizations are challenged to control data growth and manage large content repositories, cut storage costs, improve disaster recovery, and eliminate the barriers between accessing and sharing clinical and patient data and medical images to continue delivering the highest quality of patient care.

NetApp and Iron Mountain have partnered to provide healthcare organizations with a secure cloud-based technology for medical data archiving and disaster recovery.

Iron Mountain said it is currently the only healthcare-focused member of the NetApp Service Provider Partner Program, which was officially launched in June 2010 and was the first of its kind in the storage industry.

Building on their collaboration under this program, the two companies will integrate NetApp StorageGRID object storage software with two Iron Mountain medical data archiving technologies – the Digital Record Center for Medical Images and its data archive offering – to provide healthcare organizations with consolidated archiving and disaster recovery to deliver improved medical care to their patients.

Cloud-based archiving and disaster recovery helps eliminate issues around system interoperability and disaster recovery by moving data offsite and keeping it independent of existing systems. The joint technologies by NetApp and Iron Mountain bring innovative cloud technologies to:
• Control storage growth and reduce costs.
• Improved disaster recovery and compliance.
• Reduced management complexity.


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