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2011 SIM Award Recognizes Industry Academics and Practitioners

November 23, 2011

Each year, the Society for Information Management (SIM) sponsors the SIM Best Paper Awards. This competition encourages research that impacts practice. Winning papers must be a collaboration between academic professionals and industry practitioners.

Since SIM‟s thrust is toward executive management, the work describes an initiative of interest to senior IT leaders and should have a significant impact on the organization involved.

Each year, the research paper competition encourages author teams to address these five criteria, and both the abstracts and papers are reviewed using these criteria:

 Innovation: Are new strategies and approaches described?
 Impact: Does the paper address the real problem and does it help to solve the problem?
 Implementation: Is the innovation operational?
 Re-applicability: Is the approach applicable to other organizations?
 Appeal and readability: Will the paper appeal to SIM membership?

SIM wants to recognize the winners of the 2011 SIM Best Paper Awards competition. The first place winning paper was entitled, “Assessing Cloud Readiness at Continental AG,” by Claudia Loebbecke, University of Cologne, and Bernhard Thomas and Thomas Ullrich, Continental AG. The research provided a framework for determining which IT services are a good “fit” for the “cloud.” This framework is applicable to other organizations interested in identifying cloud-based information services.

The second place winner was “Drawing Align‟ in the Sand: The Cultural Shift Towards Embedded IT,” by Dr. Jerry Luftman, Stevens Institute of Technology, and Frank Wander, Mark Nathan, and Harshil Sutaria, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America. This paper uses a framework to assess the alignment of IT with strategy and provides a re-applicable tool to better understand alignment.


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