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IDC: 2012 Predictions

November 14, 2011

IDC Insights will host its 18 industry-focused, complimentary web conferences to highlight new research on the most pressing IT trends for 2012 and beyond. Leading industry analysts from IDC’s Insights lines of business will provide their Top 10 Predictions for 2012 on the future of IT in the energy, financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing and retail industries. This marks the 10th consecutive year that IDC Insights business units have presented “Predictions” research and web conferences, providing essential guidance across industries and technologies on the most dynamic issues and trends including drivers, challenges, recommendations and anticipated outcomes.

New this year, IDC Insights analysts will also provide insight on long-term trends in their industry, along with thought-leadership on new and unexpected themes that may be on the horizon for 2012. Based on deep vertical industry knowledge, IDC Insights continues its leadership position in offering IT executives a better understanding of the industry’s most dynamic trends to help hone their near-term strategies as they seek to compete for the long term. Unlike anything else in the industry, the anticipated IDC Predictions research, based on three decades of market research and insight, serves as a critical tool in helping today’s IT executive, across industries and geographies, strategically evaluate the IT landscape.

“Over the last 30 years, our annual Top 10 Predictions research has become a hallmark of IDC. Each year, our dynamic team of analysts provide insightful assessments of the current IT landscape, to the great acclaim of our clients, who rely on our perspective to guide strategic business decisions,” said Meredith Whalen, senior vice president of IDC’s U.S. Insights and vertical markets business units. “As an organization, we are committed to providing meaningful and relevant research to support our clients as they navigate the current IT landscape. This year, IDC Insights will continue in that tradition to offer thought-provoking insights, across industries, into trends for 2012 and beyond.”

IDC will host its annual Predictions Web conference on Dec. 1 at 12 p.m., Eastern time. The presentation will be led by Senior Vice President and Chief Analyst Frank Gens, who will discuss the themes and opportunities that IDC expects will drive the worldwide IT industry in 2012 and beyond. Gens will be joined in the discussion by a panel of IDC analysts from around the world. Details and registration for this Web conference can be found at

The IDC Insights Predictions 2012 series of industry-focused web conferences kicks off on December 5 with a cross-industry discussion hosted by Whalen. Seventeen additional IDC Insights web conferences will then reveal insight into specific industries and practice areas, covering the North American, EMEA, and Worldwide geographies. Concurrently, IDC Insights will publish “Predictions” research documents covering more than 30 practice areas across industries, detailing trends in specific markets and geographies.


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