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Don’t Rent It, Just Borrow it from your Neighbor

April 25, 2011

Over the years, my neighbor has allowed me to borrow yard tools, a hammer, and even a drain snake. All with the objective of saving me some money from renting it from the big-box home improvement store. The only stipulation is that I return it to him (unlike the guy on the other side of him who failed to return a few items he borrowed, only to learn that he could never borrow from my neighbor again).

Along with borrowing the specific tool comes some expert advice or assistance with the task at hand, which makes borrowing from my neighbor worth the cost-savings so I won’t have a tool that I don’t know how to use and also get to learn a new skill to add to my, wait for it, toolbox!

So, I read this story this morning in the Business Journal about the California company, Rentalic that allows you to borrow items through an online store.

Seems like an interesting concept, except when you get to the part about advice on how to use the tool or how to use the tool to make said repair.

I’ve rented some bigger tools (yard chipper) from my local home improvement store, but my car wasn’t big enough to haul the chipper, so I had to rent a small truck, too. I’m wondering if Rentalic will also be renting the trucks needed to haul the equipment and the expert to help you use the said tool. For example, if I were to rent a small tool, such as a chainsaw, I’d still need someone to show me do the oil and gas mixture and how to start the saw. If you rent something online, does it come with this expert advice, too?


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