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PHR Roundtable Meeting Announcement

November 29, 2010

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) invites members of the public to provide comments on personal health records (PHRs). Comments can be submitted to ONC in three different ways:

Written Submission through ONC’s PHR Roundtable Website: The online public comment period will close on Friday, December 10, 2010.

Written Submission at the PHR Roundtable on December 3, 2010: Submit written comments to ONC at the “What Do You Think?/Public Comment Table” during the PHR Roundtable. Please note that only in-person registrants for the PHR Roundtable may submit written comments on-site.

Oral Submission during the Public Comment Session at the PHR Roundtable: Oral comments from the public will be scheduled at the conclusion of the PHR Roundtable. Webcast attendees can call in comments by phone. Before the PHR Roundtable, ONC will send out the comment phone number with the URL for the webcast.

Time allotted for each oral comment will be limited to two minutes. If the number of speakers wishing to comment is greater than can be accommodated during the scheduled PHR Roundtable, ONC will take written comments at the public comment table after the event until close of business. In addition, the online public comment period will remain open until close of business on Friday, December 10.

There is still time to register to participate via live webcast in the December 3 Personal Health Records Roundtable – Understanding the Evolving Landscape. Visit the ONC website to view the agenda, panel descriptions, and more. Register online by visiting

If you have any questions about the PHR Roundtable or need assistance with the associated public comment period, please contact us at


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