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Republicans Look to Deny Health Care Reform Funding

August 2, 2010

Cutting funding to the health reform law is in the works by key Republicans, Politico reported.

The Republicans may not be able to overturn the health care reform law next year, but they’re looking to deny the Obama administration the funds it needs to implement the law, the political news service reported.
Republican candidates are running on a promise to repeal the law.

Winning the House and Senate races won’t be enough. They need a two-thirds majorities to overcome a veto by President Obama. “Our goal remains to repeal the bill and replace it, but, clearly, with the president’s veto pen, we’re going to have to take interim steps,” said Republican Representative Kevin Brady of Texas.
Republicans are proposing a bill to deny funding of any part of the law. But more likely will be to not fund pieces of the legislation, such as the law’s requirement to purchase insurance, changes to Medicare and one of most cited concerns by House Minority Leader John Boehner, a

Republican from Ohio: the “army of new IRS agents” to implement new requirements for business.

“Hopefully, we will have an election cycle where we will have a strong wave coming in that is opposed to this and can oppose the funding and the implementation of this,” said Senator Same Brownback, a Republican gubernatorial candidate from Kansas. The law “has to be funded to be implemented,” he said.

Republicans would be able to deny funding only to the pieces of the law that require money from Congress. Doing so would create holes in the legislation, with some portions of the law already being funded and others not. Politico reported that funding has already been appropriated to start the employee reinsurance program, which will send money to companies who cover retirees.


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